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Yardistry Structures

What is Yardistry?

ScreenYardistry is the first building components system packaged for the retail market that allows Do-It-Yourself (DIY) and Professional customers to build Structures, Screens and Fences...easily and affordably. This unique modular system -- the only one of its kind in North America -- allows for the creation of hundreds of designs with only fifteen basic components.

With Yardistry components, customers can create Structures that provide shade or define outdoor living space; Screens that bring delineation to an area of interest or filter a view; and Fences to create privacy and further enhance the garden`s natural features. With fifteen SKUs, the designer is provided with ultimate flexibility, style, quality and craftsmanship that is sure to enhance any landscape.

What is Yardistry made from?

PartsYardistry is a wood-based product made from exterior grade cedar (C. lanceolata), finished with a water-based stain for lasting enjoyment. Yardistry's Post Top Connectors, Post Caps and Panel Clips are powder coated, marine grade aluminum and include stainless steel hardware. Materials and manufacturing methods ensure the long-term durability of the product.

Yardistry's Quality

Yardistry's quality furniture-like finish (offset dado and half lap lattice construction) shows true product craftsmanship. Yardistry's components come pre-finished with a factory-applied water-based stain. Customers can customize the colour of their Yardistry project by simply applying a semi-transparent stain over the factory finished product. Alternatively, they may wish to paint an existing structure to match their new Yardistry project by using one of Yardistry`s color match formulations.


The Yardistry product line offers designers, contractors and home owners infinite possiblities to solve their landscaping challenges. Whether creating garden features, a shaded escape from the sun or a simple treatment for hiding an air conditioner or recycling bin, Yardistry provides the flexibility to design and build the perfect solution for each. We recommend that consumers, designers and builders refer to their local building code for post anchoring methods suitable to their respective application, surface and soil conditions.

Features and Benefits of Yardistry

Distinct Designs

Multiple panel and topper combinations possible. Yardistry is the first building component system for landscape architects and contractors in North America that has been made available to the retail consumer.


Allows the consumer to control the results by customizing the look and feel in a ready-to-assemble (RTA) system. Combine Yardistry applications with existing landscape projects for an easy and stylish update. For example, add a Yardistry rail or screen to an existing deck or patio for a fresh new look.

Design Tools

Yardistry Design Wizard allows the novice designer to quickly create a project design, layout and materials list with a click of a mouse. Yardistry Custom Design Tool enables a seasoned designer to create a unique design by simply ``dragging and dropping`` components. The Yardistry Design Library contains hundreds of designs and components that the designer can download for use within their own design software applications.


Yardistry wood components have a quality furniture-like finish, crafted for strength and durability with offset dado and half lap lattice construction.

Modular System

Yardistry provides flexibility of choice for many applications. Fifteen components are engineered and architected to work together beautifully and easily.

Complete System

Yardistry provides all architectural components required, including an integrated hardware and connection system, to build a project from the ground up.

Easy To Install

Easy to install with ready to assemble wooden and metal components that include all the required hardware for installation. Our Click & Lock Technology requires a standard screwdriver.

Pre-Finished Stain Color

Yardistry components are pre-finished with a factory-applied water-based stain. Yardistry has tested a number of stain products for colour matches

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