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KleerSnap Post Wraps provide an easy, cost effective way to improve the appearance and durability of exterior posts. KleerSnap Post Wraps are manufactured from Kleer cellular PVC to create the finished look of natural wood while being virtually impervious to moisture and insects. KleerSnap Post Wraps come with a lifetime warranty against splintering, rotting, delaminating or swelling excessively due to moisture.

With KleerSnap’s unique locking joint and notched moulding kits, KleerSnap Post Wraps can usually be installed by one person in less than ten minutes.* And since KleerSnap Post Wraps are manufactured from Kleer cellular PVC, they don’t need to be painted for protection. However, if a color other than white is desired, 100% Acrylic House Paint can be used with amazing results. It really is true; beautifying wood posts is a snap with KleerSnap Post Wraps!

Base and Cap Moulding Kit Bed Moulding Kit Crown Moulding Kit
Product Description Lengths Actual Inside Dimension Actual Outside Dimensions Post Size
4” x 4”
Post Wrap
8', 10' 3-3/4” x 3-3/4” 4-1/2” x 4-1/2” Nominal 4" x 4" Post
6” x 6”
Post Wrap
8', 10' 5-3/4" x 5-3/4" 6-1/2" x 6-1/2" Nominal 6" x 6" Post
8” x 8”
Post Wrap
10' 6-1/4" x 6-1/4" 7" x 7" Nominal 6" x 6" Post

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Manufacturers of the original PermaCast column, HB&G continues to lead the industry in offering the most technologically advanced and highest quality synthetic porch products on the market. Learn more about how HB&G‘s superior product lineup can add beauty and curb apeal to any project.

PERMACast Columns

PermaCast columns are cast from a proprietary fiber-reinforced polymer composite with exceptional strength-to-weight characteristics and requiring minimum maintenance. They are weatherproof, insect proof, and highly durable.

PERMAWrap Columns

HB&G PermaWrap columns are made from cellular PVC and offer the advantages of being moisture and insect proof as well as the thickness, ease of use and workability of wood.


PermaPosts are weatherproof, insect proof and low maintenance. They are shipped white, ready to install.

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Wrap N' Snap Column Wrap

Wrap N' Snap™ Column Wraps turn a treated post into a finished column that will last a life-time in just minutes. Our patented "snap" design allows for one-person installation and the durable PVC construction means no maintenance or repairs will be needed.

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Here's an exciting architecture from the past at an affordable price: authentic fluted Colonial Columns are stylish with class and practical for new construction or remodeling projects.

Choose from Round Fluted, Square Fluted, or Square Panel styles.

The Snap Lock "wrap-around" design allows the columns to cover existing post with ease. Lifetime, no maintenance is the beauty that assures any basic design with our completely pre-finished white baked enamel finish.

From any angle, for every season or reason, Age Craft aluminum columns give you classic, beautiful, and affordable support!

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Digger Specialties, Inc. is a leader in columns, railing and fencing products. They are a privately owned company started in 1984 and we continue to expand our presence in the building products industry, making serious investments into several different column products. We are dynamic in our approach to solutions through innovation.

Their state-of-the-art powder coating facilities ensure that your products receive only the highest grade of powder coating. In fact, DSI is the only aluminum columns, railing and fencing supplier to receive PCI 4000 Certification from the Powder Coating Institute. All columns are verified AAMA 2604-10 and 2605-11 compliant.

Their columns are backed by their Lifetime Limited Warranty to give you peace of mind on your investment.

SMOOTH WITH ASRAGAL Recessed Round Fluted Smooth Square Fluted

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Are you ready to take the look of your porch to the next level? Then it's time for WeatherWise™ Vinyl porch columns. Designed with the classy look and feel that you expect, WeatherWise™ has thermo formed Vinyl columns that are 14,000 lb. load tested and uplift tested to 900lbs. All posts are constructed with a full length 3-1/4" extruded aluminum insert, and our Vinyl columns are manufactured up to nine feet in length. Most of all you'll never have to paint your porch columns again!

Vinyl Columns

5" Victorian:
5 inch Victorian

5" Premier:
5 inch Premier

7" Square:
 7 inch Square

8" Round:
8 inch Round

2 Piece Snap Wrap
2 Piece Snap

5" Square:
5 inch Square