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Creative Vinyl Products Fence & Deck is a leading retailer of vinyl fencing and railing, pvc composite decking, pergolas, and deck lighting. We also carry a full line of treated lumber and the largest assortment of decking hardware. We are ALWAYS Fully Stocked

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Fairway Vinyl Balustrade Railings

Masters Vinyl Balustrade Railing

Masters Series The Masters is perfect for high-end homes, grand stairways, walk ways, country clubs, and hotels. In the past, what was cast from stone, fiberglass, marble composites and polyurethane is now offered in maintenance-free vinyl railing. Featuring extra large 6.5" wide top and bottom rails with almost 4" turned balusters, all mounted on 8" recessed panel or plain posts.

Colors: White

Height Options:
36" Residential & 42" Commercial
4', 6' , 8', 10' & 12' Level Rails
4', 6' , 8', 10' & 12' Stair Rails


Legends Vinyl Balustrade Railing

Legends Series With sophisticated style, elegant detail and lasting durability, the Legends is the latest attractive addition to Fairway's Balustrade family. Vinyl balustrade, unlike bulky cement or expensive urethane balustrades, is easy to install, comes with a lifetime warranty, and is maintenance-free. Constructed of premium virgin vinyl, and reinforced with aluminum "A" channel inserts, the Legends is able to withstand the abuse of high traffic areas for a lifetime of lasting beauty and performance.

Colors: White

Height Options:
36" Residential & 42" Commercial
4', 6' , 8' & 10' Level Rails
4', 6' , 8' & 10' Stair Rails