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Creative Vinyl Products Fence & Deck is a leading retailer of vinyl fencing and railing, pvc composite decking, pergolas, and deck lighting. We also carry a full line of treated lumber and the largest assortment of colors and styles. We are ALWAYS Fully Stocked

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Bullfrog Hot Tub & Spa Accessories

Bullfrog Spas and Hot Tubs have a variety of accessories to compliment and beautify your hot tub or spa. Listed below are a few of these accessories.

Computerized Control System

All Bullfrog Spas and Hot Tubs come equipped with state-of-the-art Balboa™ computerized control systems. When it comes to spa controls, Balboa is not only the industry leader, but producers of the most innovative control systems available. Each Balboa control system is engineered to thrive in the grueling hot and humid environment of any hot tub.

Select Control Panel

Select Control Panel - The ease and simplicity of the large, 4-button LED control panel enhances spa control management. This control performs all basic spa functions and displays operating mode and water temperature and is backlit for convenient nighttime use.

Premier Control Panel

Premier Control Panel - Has all the functionality of the Select Control Panel, with the addition of an LCD clock, added buttons for easier programming and control, and a decimal point on the temperature readout. This model is backlit for convenient nighttime use.

Auxiliary Remotes

Auxilary Remotes

Spaside remote touchpads are a convenient way to control the hot tub jets without leaving your seat.

Spa & Yard™ Stereo with Bose® Speakers

Bose® Speakers

Esteemed Bose speakers are exclusive to the Bullfrog Spa & Yard Stereo System. The stereo's unique two-position speaker design allows you to fill your yard with rich sound when the speakers are down, and enjoy your favorite music from within the spa when the speakers are up.

LED Lighting

LED Lighting

Add color and flare to your spa with a 28-bulb LED lighting system. Enjoy a nighttime show of cycling color with varying intensities or set to your favorite relaxing color.

Remote SpaMonitor

Spa Remote

The remote allows you to control the temperature, jets, lighting, and filtering modes of your Bullfrog Spa from the comfort of inside your home. The large remote screen makes operation easy and fun.

CoverMate l Cover Lifter

CoverMate Cover Lifter

The simple design of Bullfrog's durable cover lifter provides true convenience and functionality. Lift the spa cover and enjoy relaxation in just a couple of seconds. This device creates a wonderful privacy wall while you are using your Bullfrog Spa.

Spa Covers

Bullfrog Spa Covers are made of tough, durable materials that insulate your spa for maximum energy efficiency. The cover features locking clips which add the security of keeping your spa locked when not in use. Bullfrog Spa Covers come in two colors, Graphite and Sienna.



Convenient spa steps are color-matched to the spa cabinet. Create safe and easy access to your Bullfrog spa with the rubber non-slip surface and durable plastic construction.

Stainless Steel Jets

Stainless Steel Jets

Upgrade your spa with polished jet treatments to create incredible elegance and sizzle.

Exterior LED Lighting

Exterior LED Lighting

The subtle elegance of four perimeter sconce lights makes a beautiful addition to your backyard sanctuary. Each includes six true white LED lights to create a safe, illuminated spa environment.



Take full advantage of our Aroma'ssage™ JetPak™ with replacement aromatherapy cartridges infused with natural scented oils. Choose from Tranquility, Romance, and Stress Relief.

WellSpring System

WellSpring Standard Ozone

WellSpring Standard-Output Ozone

A Corona Discharge ozone purifier to provide increased water quality and purity.

WellSpring High-Output Ozone

WellSpring High-Output Ozone

Features Corona Discharge Electrode Technology and purifies with up to four times more ozone than our Standard unit.

WellSpring Filtration Pump

WellSpring Filtration Pump

Our dedicated and programmable filtration pump improves water cleansing performance with virtually silent and vibration-free operation.